Friday, November 16, 2007



I do not understand anything because again you are very offended.

I was in London from Friday night to Tuesday 9 pm. I was looking for job for four days. That is why I was just checking my mails and saw your two e-mails, that one of that greeting cards and this one and you immediately thought that I do not reply your mails on purpose. I used to imagine you that as much sensitive person you are also understanding or flexible but obviously you are not.

After you sent me your photo the only person who changed is you, not me. And I started to believe that you do not have self-confidence. You must be sure about that even if you were the most handsome man in the world my opinions wouldn't have changed.

Yes I admit that something changed after you sent me your photo because before you were my dreams hero. You used to belong to another world. You weren't real. You wouldn't be real.

But now I know that you are human and there is no dream world. That is why I warned you not to send your photo or demand it from me, but you did. You restricted my dreams.

This is the problem. I could have dreamed you different every single time. But now I can not, this is the problem.

Believe me nothing changed about you.
You are still my majesty.
Do not be offended

You are more mature than me and older, the person who maintains this relationship should be you, not me.

Are you brave, patient or whatever? Why did you end dreaming of me?

It is free you do not have to pay for it what are you going to loose .. nothing.... So do not make yourself sad and also me.

You do not deserve it, OK?

By the way when are you going to play to me the piano?



ملائكة من البشر ..